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About our school

Welcome and thank you for taking the time to visit our school’s website. The school was established in 1897 to serve the European population which had grown in the local area as a result of the expansion of the settlement of Sydney. These people were farmers and timber getters.

Our school site is situated on the traditional land of the Aboriginal clan, the Cabrogal people, who inhabited the area for many thousands of years prior to the arrival of the Europeans. The Cabrogal people spoke a dialect called Dharug which was the common dialect of the Aboriginal clans which lived in the Sydney area. Our suburb name of Cabramatta and the Cabrogal clan name come from the Dharug word ‘cabro’ which was the name given to the worm-like shell fish which lives in the fallen trees in the tidal waters of the local rivers and creeks. We extend our deepest respect to the Cabrogal people, the original custodians of this land.

Today, the Cabramatta Public School community has a very different demographic profile to previous times. Our student population of 650 consists of children from over 40 different cultural groups of which the largest are Vietnamese, Cambodian and Chinese. Our mainstream and 3 Support classes are supported by an extremely skilled and dedicated team of teachers, School Learning Support Officers and Administrative Officers. Community Language teaching and learning programs are provided to our students who speak Vietnamese, Khmer and Chinese as a first language to ensure that this language is nurtured and maintained. The school receives special government funding to provide specialist teacher professional learning for literacy and numeracy teaching through the NSW Department of Education’s Early Action for Success initiative.

Our wonderful parent and carer community provide their full support to the school through a very active Parents and Citizens Association which contributes to discussion about school policies and activities to raise funds to purchase resources for student learning and wellbeing. Our Schools as Community Centre (SaCC) program provides a wide range of services and activities to support our community, such as: Breakfast Club for students; Play Groups for preschool children; adult and parent education classes and a Parent Café.

Our vision is that the school is a nurturing and high performing place where students are empowered to achieve success through a shared commitment to excellence.

To achieve this vision, the school has established an amazing range of teaching and learning programs and initiatives which are described within this site. I encourage you to take some time to read about these very well organised and highly focused educational and wellbeing programs as they will reflect an extremely positive culture of providing lifelong learning for our students.

Our school motto is – Aim High, Dream Big, Strive to Succeed.

Kindest regards,

Glen Stelzer